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Championship, Playoffs
League One, Playoffs
League Two, Playoffs
Segunda Division
Bundesliga Relegation/Promotion
2nd Bundesliga Relegation/Promotion
Lega Pro, Promotion Playoffs
Serie B, Promotion Playoffs
Serie B, Relegation Playoffs
Ligue 2, Relegation/Promotion Playoffs
Ligue 1, Relegation/Promotion Playoffs
Eredivisie, Women, Championship Round
Pro League, Europa League Playoffs, Knockout stage
World Cup, Group A
World Cup, Group B
World Cup, Group C
World Cup, Group D
World Cup, Group E
World Cup, Group F
World Cup, Group G
World Cup, Group H
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League, Women
Copa Libertadores
CAF Champions League, Group C
U17 European Womens Championship, Knockout stage
Premier League
First League
Victoria Premier League
Queensland National Premier League
West State League Premier Division
Erste Liga
Premier League
Vysshaya League
Brasilero Serie A
Brasilero Serie B
Copa do Brasil
Copa do Nordeste, Knockout stage
First Professional League, Placement Matches 11-14
Primera Division
Primera B, Apertura
Croatia Cup
1. Liga
U21, Championship Group
U21, Placement Group
2nd Division, Championship Group
Superligaen, Championship round
Superligaen, European Playoffs
Superligaen, Relegation / Promotion Playoffs
Danmarksserien, Pulje 4
Serie A, Primera Etapa
Premium Liiga
Premier League
Kakkonen, Lansi
Kakkonen, Pohjoinen
Regionalliga, Promotion Playoffs
2. Bundesliga, Women,Rel./Prom., Group 1
Premier Division
Magyar Cup
1 deild
Super League
Premier Division
National League, Playoffs 1-8
Premier League, Playoffs 1-6
J.League 2
A Liga
Macedonia Cup
Premier League
3rd Division, Group 3
3rd Division, Group 6
3rd Division, Group 1
3rd Division, Group 5
1st Division
2nd Division, avd 1
Primera Division, Apertura
II Liga
Romania Cup
Liga 2
Liga 1, Relegation round
PFL, Ural-Povolzhye
Premier League
Serbia Cup
Superliga, Relegation / Promotion Playoffs
Superliga, Europa League Playoffs
K-League Challenge
Division 2, Norra Gotaland
Challenge League
Schweizer Cup
2nd Lig, Promotion Playoffs
3. Lig, Group 2, Playoffs
Primera Division, Intermedio, Serie B
Major League Soccer
Premier League
National Football League
NBA Playoffs
United League, Playoffs
LNB, Relegation Playoffs
ABL Playoffs
NBB, Playoffs
NBL, Playoffs
KML, Playoffs
Pro A, Playoffs
LFB, Women, Playoffs
BBL, Playoffs
A1 Playoffs
Serie A2 Gold, Playoffs
Serie A, Playoffs
LBL, Playoffs
LKL, Playoffs
DBL, Playoffs
PLK, Playoffs
Liga Nationala, Playoffs
Super League, Playoffs
1. A SKL, Playoffs
LNA, Playoffs
TBL, Playoffs
TKBL, Playoffs
NB I, Playoffs
LUB, Playoffs
Geneva, Switzerland
Lyon, France
Geneva, Switzerland, Doubles
Lyon, France, Doubles
Paris, France, Qualifying
Strasbourg, France
Nuremberg, Germany
Nuremberg, Germany, Doubles
Strasbourg, France, Doubles
Loughborough, Great Britain, Qualifying
Mestre, Italy, Qualifying
Loughborough, Great Britain
Mestre, Italy
Mestre, Italy, Doubles
Turkey F20, Singles Qualifying
Romania F1, Singles Qualifying
Bosnia & Herzegovina F2, Singles Qualifying
Czech Republic F2, Singles Qualifying
Hungary F3, Singles Qualifying
Argentina F2, Singles Qualifying
Mexico F3, Singles Qualifying
Italy F11, Singles Qualifying
Singapore F2, Singles
Ukraine F3, Singles
Ukraine F3, Doubles
Spain F12, Singles
Spain F12, Doubles
Hungary F3, Singles
Hungary F3, Doubles
Poland F4, Singles
Sweden F3, Singles
Sweden F3, Doubles
Uganda F4, Singles
Uganda F4, Doubles
Poland F4, Doubles
Argentina F2, Singles
Mexico F3, Singles
Mexico F3, Doubles
Antalya, Singles Qualifying W-WITF-TUR-20A
Les Franqueses Del Valles, Singles QW-WITF-ESP-07B
Oeiras, Singles Qualifying W-WITF-POR-04A
Changwon, Singles Qualifying W-WITF-KOR-04A
Baotou, Singles Qualifying W-WITF-CHN-09A
Osprey, Singles Qualifying W-WITF-USA-15A
Les Franqueses Del Valles, Singles W-WITF-ESP-07B
Les Franqueses Del Valles, Doubles W-WITF-ESP-07B
Caserta, Singles W-WITF-ITA-13A
Caserta, Doubles W-WITF-ITA-13A
Baotou, Singles W-WITF-CHN-09A
Baotou, Doubles W-WITF-CHN-09A
NHL, Playoffs
AHL, Playoffs
Champions League
HLA Final Round
Extraliga, Playoff
Handboldligaen, Playoffs
Damehandboldligaen, Playoffs
LFH Division 1, Women, Playoffs
2nd Bundesliga
Eliteserien, Playoffs
MNLA, Playoffs
Nations League, Women
Pro 12, Playoffs
France - Top 14 Playoffs
Super Rugby
English Premiership, Playoffs
Liga Futsal
Superliga, Playoffs
Mexican League
Table tennis
Challenger Series 2018, Week 21, Session 1
German Darts Masters 2018
Giro d'Italia, Stage 16
Aussie rules
Beach Volley
Coop Beachtour Geneva 2018
Test Series England vs. Pakistan
Premier League, Playoffs
ECB 50 One Day Cup, Group B
ECB 50 One Day Cup, Group A
Grand Prix Bowls


How To Make Payments via Interswitch Webpay:

Step 1: You have to register as a user on
Step 2: You should have an Interswitch debit card, Naira Master Card , Visa or Verve card.
Step 3: After logging in click on the 'Deposits' link at the top of the webpage, and then on the 'WebPay Deposit' button.
Step 4: Enter the amount you want to fund your account with and click 'Next'.
Step 5: You will be informed about fee (if it's defined) and total amount to pay. Click 'Confirm' if you accept it.
Step 6: In this step you will receive your transaction ID. When you click 'Accept' you'll be redirected to the payment
gateway page.
Step 7: On the payment gateway, select your card type and provide card details, pin and whatever other
information is required.
Step 8: Input the OTP (One Time Password) generated via Token or SMS
Step 9: You'll be redirected back to deposits page, where you can view the status of your transaction.
Step 10: If your transaction is successful, your SuperiorBet account would be funded instantly and you can make
use of the funds.

If you have any problem loading your SuperiorBet account please contact us at
You must make deposit with your Credit Card or Debit Card.
Do not attempt to use a stolen credit card as you would be reported to the EFCC.
You can only withdraw from your SuperiorBet account to a Nigerian bank account bearing your Card name.


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